Nutty Fruity Granola Bites

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It's that time again.  This month's Signed and Sealed is a good dose of health and lots and lots of texture and flavor.  It's lightly sweet, delightfully chewy, and perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack.  They're kind of a happy mistake, but that seemed fitting, because all this goodness went directly to Boston for my friend Cecelia.  Let me explain. Cecelia and I met in the Spring of 2007 while we were studying in Florence, Italy. The program began in Siena, where we underwent an intensive language course for three weeks.  I didn't know a single person, and believe it or not am very shy when I first meet people.  It might be easier if I could blog at them, but writing about someone you don't know for Internet eyes is not a great way to make friends.  It might not be a great way to keep friends either, but time will tell.  (I've found it helps if you send food). Anyway, I was lonely and a little guilty that I was lonely because, you know, I was in Italy, and was walking to class on a particularly wet, gray, and lonely morning.  The center of Siena is the Piazza del Campo, a beautiful, sprawling shell-shaped piazza that is slightly sloped to the center for drainage.  So, under-caffeinated and wearing uncomfortable shoes, per usual, 50 strangers future friends and I walked across the Piazza del Campos to our Italian classes. Halfway down the slope, my uncomfortable shoes and I slipped. I slipped like I was sliding into home plate.  I slipped and kept slipping. I'm a faller so tripping was not unusual for me, and really not that embarrassing.  The embarrassing part was that people actual... Read More