I am Louie T. Douse as a writer and teacher I am  travels the globe to find food that is simply great. Ans making blog is a fun series of photographs live image and food centric lifestyle. Plan to spend some time soaking it all in. Last year I provide 50 recipies for meat lovers with mout

h-watering and also provide dinner and event ideas,I do all the photo-taking , and describe easily so that you can pick this and make the recipe easily in your own hand and also new cooker who can easily make the food with my giving guide lines and surprised to his family member and contests where winners can snag some to the best items they have to offer.

Well one of my favorite thins on world is getting to give time  with people with good food. All the  better if that food is delicious. And spend time to his or her family member around the dining table and become their time will be so memorable.  So I start the bloging and three years later I am build up a place that many of you now return to as well. And I feel pressure when many of viewer can take suggestion and advice from my blog as well as. And they give me suggestions for sustain this blog because they feel that it’s a place where they make their feel with me. That’s why I am here to provide the service with my great responsibility.

If this your first time watching the blog and you need any k
ind of help and suggestion and which recipe you do not understand and need any more helpful recopies which you made and face the problem .  you can feel free to contract with me by my social network.

Thanks again for support me and I with you many delicious days ahead!